Need a simpler UI to let administrators manage fields? We recently created a new contributed module called Simple Field. This module simplifies the UI for creating fields and adding them to content types and entities. It also provides granular permissions, so you're not stuck with a single catch-all permission for managing fields. You can see a demo of the module in action at

In part 1 of this tutorial, I covered how to make your own custom field and widget. Here I'll cover how to validate that input and format it using a custom formatter.

We're having a great time at Drupal Camp Boston this weekend. Here's a summary of the sessions we presented and the slides that accompany them.

The power of Drupal stems from our ability to customize it. One common requirement is the need to define complex fields with custom widgets and formatters that are unavailable in core or contributed modules. This allows us to collect more sophisticated data from users, and define exactly how that data is presented. Drupal 7's Field API provides the hooks needed to make just about any field we want.

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